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  The Soil

By deciding to « live in AOC », the young vintners of the Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny denomination have bet on the future to their level of demand. Today, the quality level of the production has fulfilled their expectations.

Newly-come in the vast family of appellations of Franc, the Cheverny AOC based on the baptismal founds en 1993, can nevertheless be proud of glorious ancestors.


Implanted as early as the middle-age, the vineyard stretched between Loire and Sologne sparked off interest from Francois 1er who, audacious in viticulture matters, endowed all his domains with vineyards. He decided one day that his wine would be produced around the palace he charged Leonardo da Vinci to build for him at Romorantin.

Thereby, in 1519, by royal decision, 80 000 vine feet were brought from Burgandy to be planted. It is finally at Chambord that Francois 1er will have an abode built worthy of his influence, but the vine feet, as for them, prospered on their new soil as if destined to follow their royal master.
As time passed, this grape variety adapted itself so well to the soil that it lost its original name to become Romorantin, fighting the territory to its renowned elders, Chardonnay and Pinot (Auvernats white and black), Sauvignon (Surin) and impacted forevermore the history of the vineyard.



Today, this grape variety which we cannot find in any other land, comprises a real appellation at the heart of the appellation.
Original wine with limited quantities, the Cour-Cheverny is very prized by lovers of rare vintages.


Nested in the heart of the Val de Loire, the vineyard of Cheverny share its prestigious territory with Castles evocative of glory and wealth: Blois, Chambord, Cheverny, Beauregard, Villesavin, Fougeres, Troussay…. The charm of the environment seems to confirm the nature of this reduced but active and structured grape variety, which has succeeding in building up and identity and defining its production criterions in total freedom.

Very active, the vineyard of Cheverny, on the markets as soon as the the 14th century, will establish its reputation by the primacy of its whites and guarantee its own development and increase its exportations in the following centuries. The appellation produces smooth and fruity whites and reds, sought after of their qualities in phase with our era: tender wines, convivial, without excess.