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The Soil

The whites

Lively and delicate, they are issued from the mix of:

  • sauvignon it expresses itself very well on this soil, releasing its aromatic strength (black currant and licorice flavours). The proportion of Sauvignon can go up to 60% to 85%
  • chardonnay This complementary grape variety strengthen the neatness of the sauvignon. It gives quality wines, developing flavours of citrus fruits and white flowers.
  • menu pineau. Marginal, it usually can come in the process to balance the mix, if necessary.

The Cheverny white can be drunk young, but it often is at its best after a one or two years of rest in a cellar

The reds :

Rich in sap and greedy, they are produced by the mix of :

  • pinot noir.delicate and subtle are its main traits.
  • gamay. This grape variety brings freshness and a greedy aspect.
  • cabernet franc et côt. Without ever going over 15%, they can come in the process as complementary varieties.



The roses :

Limber wines, which freshness is marked by a spciy flavour, sometimes lightly grilled.


AOC Cour-Cheverny

Exclusively from the romorantin grape variety, the wines are dry and lively, lasting in the mouth.
Pleasant in their youth, when they are sampled “on the fruit”, they are especially ready for maturation: their color then takes gilded glints and their delicate savour evoke notes of honey and wattle.